About Us

The owners imagined Yabá Chiguí Lodge while contemporaries planned for repose. The idea was to enjoy an active retirement, with three main objectives to pursue:

About Yabá Chiguí To be an unique lodging option in an untraditional destination
About Yabá Chiguí To be an example of environmental sustainability
About Yabá Chiguí To contribute to the sociocultural development of the region

The lodge

Do you wish to contemplate the beauty of the rainforest from the comfort of your bed, to read your favourite book on a hanging deck overlooking a mountain stream, or perhaps to take an open-air shower under a glimmering starry night sky? Yabá Chiguí Lodge brings nature into your bungalow for an ultimate sensory experience.

Do you wish to be woken up by the call of a toucan, the cry of a howler monkey or the hustle of a guan flock? How about taking a bath facing the forest, with only a glass wall separating the two of you? Yabá Chiguí Lodge turns you into a privileged spectator of the wonderful surroundings.

We invite you to discover the aborigine legacy in the lodge, evident in the architecture of the ranch, which resembles pre-Columbian structures of the Borucas (a former chiefdom of the region); and the name Yabá Chiguí, which is taken from the boruca dialect and signifies mountain.

The hosts

Very distant now seems the research projects, the lab work, the international conferences. No more newsrooms, daily deadlines or front-page discussions. So long science and journalism.

Very distant also seem our years as diplomats in England, Singapore and India.

We, Ana Mercedes Espinoza and Juan Fernando Cordero, would like to thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you as hosts, and if you allow us, to share life experiences. 


Our philosophy

Our philosophy is as simple as transcendent: to knit together the natural beauty of the lodge and our desire to make our guests feel at home. We want to forge lasting bonds.

We believe in the charm of the quaint and the small. We believe in warmth. Great care goes into the details; we attend to your needs and personalize our service. We work tirelessly to deliver the best, both in the physical and the intangible.

Esthetics is for us of the utmost importance. Our greatest fulfilment is for the lodge as a whole to encourage contemplation and spiritual delight. To induce tranquillity and solace; meditation and relaxation.

Community work

In Yabá Chiguí Lodge, we believe in solidarity and mutual help. As such, we embrace the causes that contribute to the socio-cultural and environmental development of the community of Ojochal, which is eminently rural.

Join us in patrolling duties to protect the turtles. Plant ‘ojoche’ trees. Assist us with the cleaning of beaches and walking trails.

We are excited about demonstrating to local students the principles of environmental sustainability used in the lodge's construction. In conjunction with the National Institute of Biodiversity (INBio), you could help children study biological species of interest and document their ecology and behaviour.

We extend you a warm invitation to join us in any of these activities.

Principles that guide us

In line with an outspoken commitment to social responsibility, Yabá Chiguí Lodge upholds a strict code of conduct that governs its operations:

We respect the labour rights of our staff, promote healthy working conditions, interdict child labour and ensure gender equality.

We enforce the law against sexual exploitation of minors (Law Nº 7899) and the law against sexual harassment at work (Law Nº 7476).

We have equipped the communal areas and one of the bungalows with facilities for disabled people following the law of equal opportunities for disabled people (Law Nº 7600).

We favour values that nurture our relationship with guests, suppliers and associated firms, where dialogue, mutual respect and honesty will be paramount.

We have obtained the certificate of touristic sustainability from the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), given to businesses whose operation follow a sustainable model of natural, social and cultural resource management.