Principles that guide Us

In line with an outspoken commitment to social responsibility, Yabá Chiguí Lodge upholds a strict code of conduct that governs its operations:

We respect the labor rights of our staff, promote healthy working conditions, interdict child labor and ensure gender equality.

We enforce the law against sexual exploitation of minors (Law Nº 7899) and the law against sexual harrassment at work (Law Nº 7476).

We have equipped the communal areas and one of the bungalows with facilities for disabled people in accordance with the law of equal opportunities por disabled people (Law Nº 7600).

We favor values that nurture our relationship with guests, suppliers and associated firms; where dialogue, mutual respect and honesty will be paramount.

We aspire to obtain in the medium term the certificate of turistic sustainability from the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), given to businesses whose operation follows a sustainable model of natural, social and cultural resource management.