Costa Rica’s gems are not hidden in Coco's Island. That’s an old legend. Don’t look for them in the Central Bank either (another legend, perhaps?). The real treasure of our country is found in the South Pacific region, and it is waiting for you.

This treasure, immense and intact, lies in 4,304 square kilometres (about 8% of the national territory), which extends from Quepos to the border with Panamá, and from the Talamanca Mountain Range to the Pacific Ocean.

It consists of natural, cultural and archeological jewels of great beauty, immeasurable value and worldwide fame: Corcovado National Park (UNESCO World Heritage), Manuel Antonio National Park, Ballena Marine National Park, Piedras Blancas National Park, Isla del Caño Biological Reserve, Térraba-Sierpe National Wetlands and Pre-Columbian Stone Spheres Park (also UNESCO World Heritage).

Often overlooked by tourists and locals, the South Pacific remains an unconventional travel destination, where landscapes still boast a raw and unspoiled character. It is this, precisely, that constitutes its charm.

And that is why we are here. Yaba Chiguí sailed South and anchored in Ojochal, a small village surrounded by magnificent mountains and strategically positioned near beautiful and pristine beaches like Tortuga, Ventanas, Piñuela, Arcos, Ballena and Uvita (all within a 10 - 25 minutes drive).

Throughout the years, countless overseas travellers have arrived at this region too, and like us, decided to invest their futures here. Today, captivated by the tranquillity and the ‘bio-rhythm’ of Ojochal, they augment its appeal with small hotels, exotic restaurants, sweet-scented bakeries, and other services.

Would you dare to resist a whale- and dolphin-watching trip with freshly baked buttery croissants in your backpack?

Ojochal is located 200 km away from San José, the capital of Costa Rica, just a 3.5 - 4 hour journey by car. With good roads!

How to get here

How To Get There Yabá Chiguí

By air: Local airline Sansa flys to Palmar Sur (30 Km from Ojochal) and Quepos (76 Km from Ojochal).

How To Get There Yabá Chiguí

By land: From Juan Santamaría International Airport it is a 3.5 - 4 hour drive. Detailed driving directions below. Get your free quote from Hertz Rent a Car, Solid Car Rental or Adobe Rent a Car below.


The best way to find us is using Waze. Below you will find detailed driving directions. The last 1.6 km of the road are unpaved so we advise you have a vehicle with a high clearence as some parts may be bumpy (4x4 is a good idea, but NOT mandatory) . Finally, if possible, we also recommend driving to the lodge in daylight for the first time.



1. Take Highway 27 to Caldera and exit at the turnoff to Jacó

2. Continue on the Jacó-Parrita-Quepos route (without entering Quepos) and follow another 42 km to Dominical

3. **After Dominical continue approximately 18 km, always heading south, to Uvita.

4. Cross Uvita and continue the route that leads to Ciudad Cortés and Palmar Norte (half way from Uvita you will see the entrance to the Cristal Ballena Hotel). From Uvita to Ojochal it is about 15 km.

5. You will then see a hardware store with red and white paint called La Costa. Decrease the speed here and prepare yourself to make a turn 200 m ahead.

6. The entrance to Ojochal is on the left; it is a secondary road next to the hardware store named El Colono. It is before the bridge that follows the main road.

7.*** When taking the secondary road, continue 150 m straight and cross a bridge with yellow rails. Continue to the left, with the stream always to your left, until the second entrance to the right. That's Papagayo Street. There is a grey box of ICE and a sign of Yabá Chiguí Lodge.

8. Go 1 km further along Papagayo Street, and you will see another sign at the next intersection. Go down the slope, and about 400 m later, you will see the last sign. Go up the slope and continue the last 300 m until you see several green roofs.

9. End of trip


1. Follow route 223 (Palmar Sur Sierpe) towards route 2 (Interamericana Sur), for approximately 650 m.

2. Make a left on route 2 (Interamericana Sur), and follow the road 650 m passing by the bridge Puente Grande De Terraba

3. Then make another left at Palmar Norte onto Route 34 (Costanera Sur or Carretera Pacífica Fernández). You will pass by the gas station (on the right).

4. Drive 28 km along route 34 (Costanera Sur)

5. You will find the entrance to Ojochal is on the right; it is a secondary road next to the hardware store named El Colono. It is after the bridge that follows the main road.

6. Follow instructions as detailed above on 7***.

From CERRO DE LA MUERTE (Savegre Valley, San Gerardo de Dota, Pérez Zeledón)

1. IMPORTANT: make sure you select only main roads on your navigator (no secondary roads). This way, you will go past Pérez Zeledón and down towards Dominical.

2. Once in Dominical follow step 3** onwards.