Unique Beaches: Ballena Beach

Ballena Beach, or also known as “Sector Ballena”, forms part of the Ballena Marine National Park and is the third section found north to south within the park (Uvita, Colonia, Ballena and Piñuela). These are some characteristics that make this section one of our top picks:

  • It has easy access, just 500m away from the main road.
  • The national park’s parking lot is medium-sized, so this limits in some way the number of people that can come in. If you enjoy a beach with few people, this is your best choice.
  • Close to the ranger station, there is plenty of shade, some picnic tables, and handy showers and toilets.
  • Due to its length, it is great for long walks.
  • The best time to visit is during low tide. The ocean draws back considerably during this time, so you get a wide and sandy beach where to walk, play in the sun or boogie board. IMPORTANT: during high tide, the sandy beach disappears completely.
  • In front, you have the Tres Hermanas Rocks and the Ballena Island; the water around these formations are favourite for whales during whale season. With luck, you can see them directly from the beach.
  • From this section, you can access by foot Arcos Beach (ask the ranger if the tide is right to visit and basic precautions for this hike).
  • Ballena Bistro restaurant is conveniently close for lunch.

Opening Hours: 8:00 - 16:00 (last ticket sold at 15:00).

Fees: USD $6,78 non-residents / ₡1,130 residents.  Cards only.

Tips:  Bring water, snacks, a towel and sun-block. Single-use plastics and alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Do not bring valuables along. There are currents present, so better to stay in the shallow part.  Ballena Marine National Park Regulations