Food for the Soul: Eating Out

As important as a good night sleep is a good meal. Ojochal, Uvita, Dominical and their surroundings are known for their culinary diversity but more so for their dining experiences. Here begins the list of some of our favourites.

Eating Out... Options for all


  • Type of food: French cuisine, vegetarian friendly, gluten free options
  • Menu: click here
  • Dishes not to miss: their filet minon, their tuna special is superb (when available) and their Torta de La Pasion dessert is to die for
  • What to expect: top-notch cuisine and service
  • Best time to go: evenings and dinners have a great atmosphere, this way you can also take your time to enjoy the whole experience
  • Tips: reservations highly recommneded​
  • Phone: (506) 2786-5175
  • Google Maps: click here for direction
  • Distance from Yabá Chiguí Lodge: 2,2 km. 8 min drive / 22 min walk


  • Type of food: French, European, Central American
  • Menu: clik here
  • Dishes not to miss: their signature dessert: Devil’s Fork
  • What to expect: serene and private ambiance; it’s a great place to toast to a special occasion
  • Best time to go: early evening so you can take your time and enjoy your meal
  • Tips: given its popularity it’s best to make reservations, even during low season
  • Phone: (506) 2786-5050
  • Google Maps: click here for directions
  • Distance from Yabá Chiguí Lodge: 2.2 km. 8 min drive / 28 min walking.


  • Type of food: International, Costa Rican, Vegetarian Friendly
  • Dishes not to miss: you can't go wrong with the beef tenderloin and brownie
  • What to expect: quiet, friendly and cozy atmosphere. Surrounded by a little forest
  • Best time to go: great for lunch and dinner too
  • Tips: It is small and very popular, so ideal to make reservations
  • Phone: (506) 2786-5000
  • Google Maps: click here for directions
  • Distance from Yabá Chiguí Lodge: 3.3 km. 10 min drive

Ballena Bistro

  • Type of food: Fusion, South American, Costa Rican
  • Dishes not to miss: their falafel and chicken
  • What to expect: casual, airy and friendly service.
  • Best time to go: right after a morning or midday in Ballena or Arco Beach
  • Tips: They are only open for lunch, from 11:00 - 16:00
  • Phone: (506) 2786-5407
  • Google Maps: click here for directions
  • Distance from Yabá Chiguí Lodge: 13 km.  15-20 min drive.

Restaurante Los Manglares

  • Type of food: Costa Rican, mainly seafood
  • Dishes not to miss:ceviche” in any of their presentations, “patacones” with beans and whole fried fish
  • What to expect: 100% Costa Rican atmosphere… meaning pretty casual, simple and laidback
  • Best time to go: it has a great view of the Terraba River rivermouth, so mid to late afternoons are great for sunsets and with luck you can hear/see toucans sing nearby.  Insect repellent for dusk bugs is recommended
  • Tips: they prepare everything on the moment, so it takes a while…  make sure you have enough time to enjoy the view and your conversation
  • Phone: (506) 2786-5515
  • Google Maps: click here for directions
  • Distance from Yabá Chiguí Lodge: 6.6 km. 15-20 min drive