Our Nature: Térraba-Sierpe National Wetlands

Térraba - Sierpe National Wetland, a compliment to the senses Exploring the Térraba - Sierpe National Wetland in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, it is one of the biggest attractions in the surrounding areas of Yabá Chiguí Lodge. With 25 thousand hectares of extension, this is the largest wetland on the entire Pacific Coast of the Americas.

On your journey, you will see the mountains drawn in deep blue water reflection. You will appreciate mangrove forests through narrow winding channels. You will also discover patient fishermen in their floating shelters, looking for their daily reward.

Immerse yourself in this tour and admire up to six species of mangrove, birds, reptiles, crustaceans and more, all gestated in the natural wonders of the environment. And as a backdrop, the river Térraba (or Diquís, which in the boruca language means “large water”), sovereign and imposing with its five river mouths and 5,000 km2 of delta.

Yabá Chiguí Lodge, located just 6 km away from the docks, invites you to caress your senses in this unique and unforgettable journey.

TIP: Several local agencies organize tours in covered boats. When planning the trip, do not forget to check the tide, bring water, snacks, light clothes, appropriate shoes, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and a camera.

A compliment to the senses