Born Green

Soon, it will no longer be a dream anymore. Yabá Chiguí Lodge is about to be born.

Twelve years ago, we decided to be explorers of our own country and, as good land sailors, we set off at full sails towards the Costa Rican South Pacific.

No more third-hand stories about pristine beaches, forested mountains, mighty rivers, crystal clear waterfalls and winding mangroves. No more blurred images after comments of enthusiastic friends.

Wow! It was love at first sight.

We are a few weeks of giving you the possibility to make your own discovery. And to also fall in love – probably for ever– with one of the most diverse and enchanting regions of Costa Rica (perhaps of the world, at risk to be over-the-top).

Yabá Chiguí Lodge is real now. Thanks to talented people, like the architects Pietro Stagno and Luz Letelier, who shaped this innovative and green project.

Thanks to architect Carlos Mendoza, our technical director; José Mario Vindas, our builder; and German Espino, our foreman. And last but not least, thanks to the team in charge of the arduous fieldwork.

Come and tell us if we should have sailed to a different port.

Imagination is no match