Unique Beaches: Uvita Beach & Tombolo of Uvita

You may have already seen pictures or heard of the iconic “Whales Tail”. This representative landmark is popularly named in various ways. However, this is, in fact, the Tombolo of Uvita.

To reach it, you must enter the Marino Ballena National Park via the Uvita Sector (this is 20-25 min away from Yabá Chiguí Lodge, passing through Uvita town). Once inside the park, you will walk shortly by the side of the Negro Estuary and later along the Uvita Beach until you reach the tombolo.

The 360 degrees scenery and the “silence” nature offers here turns it into a “must-do” in the area.

Here are some ideas/tips to get the best out of your visit:

  • Check the tide. The tombolo is fully visible only during low tide. So, a good plan is to start your walk 30 min before the tide is shallow.
  • There are several parking lots on the outside of the park. They charge between USD $4 - $6 for the day.
  • The park is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • The entrance fee costs USD $6 per person (children under 12 enter free). Keep your ticket for the day, as you can use it to visit other sectors of the park, such as Colonia, Ballena and Piñuela.
  • The walk on flat sandy terrain can take between 20 – 40 min each way, depending on your physical condition.
  • There is no shade for most of the way, so it can get hot and quite sunny. Of course, this can vary, depending on the time of the day you go and the weather conditions on that specific day.
  • BACKPACK LIST: cash for parking and entrance fee, lots of water, sunblock, hat, and bathing suit for a swim.

Whales Tail